Mobile Spotlight: Nightclub City DJ Rivals

There’s a nightclub in your pants and everybody is invited! Well, as long as you have an iPhone in there.

Booyah — creators of the popular Facebook game Nightclub City — have  just launched Nightclub City DJ Rivals, a rhythm-based role-playing game for iPhone and iPod touch. Think DJ Hero meets Pokémon meets Foursquare.   

Nightclub City DJ Rivals lets players battle by tapping and scratching to music tracks in a quest to defeat BlandCorp and their label, Big Hit Records. (Insert evil music here.)

Pico Mause and I had a chance to check out the game, and it’s fresh! The music in the game is as fantastic as it is varied. I recently got a chance to check out some of the artists in the game live, and they put on an amazing show. Here is a sample of some of the awesome music in this game from a group who really knows how to rage, LBCK:

Nightclub City DJ Rivals includes a foursquare-esque multi player mode where players can battle at real world locations to earn the status of “House DJ”. The Pancake House will be belong to me I tell you. Overall, my initial impressions of the game are good, and I see alot of opportunities for the Nightclub City franchise in the future. Not being a fan of rhythm-based games (or even Facebook games) beforehand, Nightclub City DJ Rivals’ simple approach and catchy tunes got me hooked. I am now off to start a Nightclub City Facebook game account so I can get the bonuses that carry into DJ Rivals…

The art style takes a bit from Scott Pilgrim and adds a fun look to the game. As strange as it may sound, it also gives the game a feel of the old Burger King Kids Club characters from the 90’s. I always wanted a game about those kids, so this works out well for me.

Overall, I feel this game captures the pure fun and simplicity of a good night of partying. Not too much drama, excellent music, visual fun, and a atmosphere that makes battling enjoyable, but builds up a sweat when you get heavy into it.   

Nightclub City DJ Rivals is currently available now on the App Store for free, so pick up your iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad and DJ like it’s 2099.


Neranjan Bissoon