MLG vs. Proleague playoffs begin tonight

The fight for the top eight spots begins!

For the past month, StarCraft II players have been competing in the MvP, or MLG versus Proleague, a coordinated effort between MLG, KeSPA, and the IEG. Today marks the first day of playoffs, where the top 16 players will vie for a spot in the finals that are taking place on October 29th. 

Tonight features match-ups between Naniwa vs. Thorzain and Alive vs. Oz. Streaming begins at 7:00pm Eastern and will be cast by Axslav and Axeltoss. The standings and schedule are available online, and if you’re late to join the action, you can snag a viewing pass right here for $10.

Now, if I may, GO HUK!

Playoff Schedule – Broadcast on

Friday, October 19, 7pm ET – Round 1 – Europe & Korea/Taiwan
Saturday, October 20, 3pm ET – Round 1 – Proleague Day 1
Sunday, October 21, 3pm ET – Round 1 – Proleague Day 2
Monday, October 22, 7pm ET – Round 1 – North America
Tuesday, October 23, 7pm ET – Quarterfinals – Proleague
Thursday, October 25, 7pm ET – Quarterfinals – NA vs. NA & EU vs. KT
Friday, October 26, 7pm ET – Semifinals – PL vs. PL & NA vs. EU/KT
Monday, October 29, 7pm ET – Final – MLG Finalist vs. Proleague Finalist

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