MLB Front Office Manager now has box art, revel in its managerial glory

I think 2K Sports made a wise decision for the cover of their upcoming baseball management sim, MLB Front Office Manager. While most sports games feature a star of the sport in question on the box, it wouldn’t really make sense to have George Steinbrenner on the cover of a video game (or either of his sons, Hank and Hal) — how would you have an “action shot” of an owner or GM doing his thing, anyway? Would it just have the guy on the phone, or raising his arms in jubilant celebration in the owner’s box after his team wins a championship?

Either way, 2K decided to go with a shadowed figure instead, which makes a lot of sense, since the game gives you (yes, you) the reins of your favorite baseball team to do with as you please. That could be you on the cover! Isn’t that an awesome prospect?

I hope it is, and we’ll get to find out for sure in a few weeks: MLB Front Office Manager will be out for PS3, 360, and PC on January 27th. I had a ton of fun with Owner Mode in EA Sports’ MVP Baseball 2005 (still the best baseball game ever made, in my not-so-humble opinion), so I’m excited to see if MLB FOM can live up to the management side of that simulation experience. Who’s with me? Anyone? No? Damn it.

[Pic via Bats Blog]

Samit Sarkar