MLB 2K10 soundtrack includes Pearl Jam, Iggy Pop, Jet

2K Sports’ Major League Baseball 2K franchise has usually gone with indie music for its soundtrack, pairing up with Pitchfork Media in the past to choose songs for the games. This time around, though, they enlisted the help of the cover athlete himself, Evan Longoria, and his pick was “Down and Out” by Tantric (which is apparently Longoria’s favorite Tantric song). The soundtrack itself is pretty varied — it includes artists as diverse as The Black Keys, Ryan Adams, and The Sugarhill Gang. Here’s the full list, a total of 16 tracks:

  • The Black Crowes – “Go Faster”
  • The Black Keys – “Your Touch”
  • Black Sheep – “The Choice is Yours”
  • Boss Martians – “Hey Hey Yeah Yeah”
  • Cage the Elephant – “Judas”
  • Daughtry – “Every Time You Turn Around”
  • Hotel St. George – “It’s the Blues”
  • Iggy Pop – “Lust for Life”
  • Jet – “Start the Show”
  • LCD Soundsystem – “Time to Get Away”
  • Pearl Jam – “The Fixer”
  • Phoenix – “Lisztomania”
  • Ryan Adams – “Magick”
  • Social Distortion – “Bad Luck”
  • Tantric – “Down and Out”
  • The Sugarhill Gang – “Rapper’s Delight”

According to the press release from 2K, the Pearl Jam song — “The Fixer,” the first single from the band’s most recent album, Backspacer — will only appear in the PS3 and 360 versions of the game. If you’re like me and you have no idea who Cage the Elephant is, you can listen to all the songs in their entirety at the 2K Beats site. Major League Baseball 2K10 will be out in less than two weeks, on March 2nd, for PS3, 360, Wii, PC, PSP, and PS2.

Samit Sarkar