MLB 2K10 includes new My Player mode and other features

2K Sports has posted a list of features that highlights the new stuff, and the improved stuff, that Major League Baseball 2K10 will be bringing to the table when it releases on March 2nd. Chief among the additions to the franchise are 2K’s My Player mode and MLB Today, which both debuted in last October’s NBA 2K10. My Player, a career mode in which you create a player and start in the minor leagues, sounds similar to the terrific Road to the Show mode that’s been available in Sony’s MLB The Show series for three years now.

Another feature that’s a different version of something found in a better game is “Batter’s Eye,” which will tell you what pitch is coming if your hitter’s Eye rating is high enough. (EA Sports’ MVP Baseball 2005 had “Hitter’s Eye,” in which the baseball would flash when coming out of the pitcher’s hand; different colors corresponded to different types of pitches.) One thing that does sound cool is the addition of a third swing type — in addition to the traditional “power” and “contact” swings, you’ll be able to go with a “defensive swing,” which will be useful on balls running in on you.

These are the first details we have on MLB 2K10, and it’s going to be out in less than two months. Later this week, you should see some previews go up around the net (unfortunately, though, not here). Does this stuff sound enticing to you guys?

Full MLB 2K10 Features List – 360, PS3, PC [2K Sports Forums via GameSpot]

Samit Sarkar