MK vs. DC Universe writer tells fans to lighten up

If it’s not Diablo or Fallout “fans” bitching to anyone who’ll listen, it’s comic book geeks whimpering and whining that Mortal Kombat Vs. DC Universe isn’t realistic. Yes, we’re now nitpicking about realism in a world where characters can fly or are living skeleton ninjas. Luckily, the man currently penning the collaboration had something to say about it. 

“Why is that guy fighting that guy?” asked game writer and comic author Jimmy Palmiotti, before answering himself: “Well, ha! Why? Because it’s fun, that’s why.”

That’s as good a reason as any, I think, and the only one you should really need when you’re dealing with videogames. Scorpion can tell Superman to “get over here” simply because it’s fun, if purist fans can remember what that is. That said, Palmiotti admits that it wasn’t just the fans who bellyached over the concept.

“The Mortal Kombat people and the DC people were like ‘No, no! You can’t do that! Those guys don’t meet, they’re in different dimensions!’ Blah blah blah!” the writer explained. “We came in to fix that.”

The fix, of course, is whatever convoluted reason Palmiotti and co. comes up with to explain exactly how and why the Outworld gang hooks up with the DC folks. As for what that reason is, however, we’ll just have to wait. It’s a secret until further notice. I doubt it can be anymore contrived and bullsh*tty than most of the absurd retcons and deus ex machina that comic book writers churn out on a yearly basis.

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