Mizuguchi shows Child of Eden at TEDxTokyo

Tetsuya Mizuguchi spoke this week at TEDxTokyo, one of a growing multitude of events organized independently from TED, extending the organization’s mission of “ideas worth sharing” to the local level. Kicking off his fifteen minute presentation, we get a couple of minutes of the man himself playing his current project, Child of Eden.

Of course, that’s not the real meat of the presentation but I’m hoping it will induce you to listen further to what Mizuguchi has to say. He discusses sensory experiences, the blending of our real world with the worlds we experience in our games and how technology is enabling that further. He also briefly beats the drum of positive social change resulting from games geared towards that end, as you might expect considering the nature of the conference.

Rez Creator Talks About Positive Power of Games, Plays Child of Eden at TED [Kotaku via GameSetWatch]

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