Miyazaki shares his favorite Elden Ring boss

favorite Elden Ring boss

I’m still in spoiler mode for now

Even though tons of people have played Elden Ring, I’m still in spoiler mode. So consider this a warning, as famed From Software director Hidetaka Miyazaki just shared his favorite Elden Ring boss with everyone today, and we’re going to talk about it!

favorite Elden Ring boss 2

Thanks to an interview from Xbox Wire, straight from Miyazaki’s mouth, we know that his favorite boss is Starscourge Radahn, or just “Radahn.” I can see why!

Radahn made a huge impact on me when I was playing, to the point where, once the game was fully out, I told our own Jordan Devore “there’s a boss in the game that is unlike any other from the SekiSoulsBornes, you’ll know it when you see it.” Miyazaki says that he loves the whole vibe with Radahn, that it’s centered around a festival, and the juxtaposition of the loneliness of the character and the upbeat nature of the festival itself. The concept of a melancholy celebration sounds like an extremely Miyazaki thing.

He says that if he had to pick a runner-up, it would be Godrick the Grafted (one of the first bosses you can fight) or Rykard Lord of Blasphemy (the snake). Both great choices! I mean, if you ask any 100 people what their favorite EldenSekiSoulsBorne boss is, you’re going to get an array of answers. Well, possibly zero votes for the Fire Giant, but an array nonetheless!

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