Miyazaki isn’t concerned about whether or not his next game is like Dark Souls

He just wants it to be ‘interesting’ and ‘worthwhile’

Just as Dark Souls III wraps up this week with its final expansion, The Ringed City, Famitsu has shared a tantalizing new interview with game director and From Software president Hidetaka Miyazaki.

As translated by Gematsu, he reiterates that for the Dark Souls series, “there are no further developments planned at the moment, at least.” Nothing has changed on that front. But when asked about the studio’s future — specifically what type of game he’d like to make — he had this to say:

“Since I’ve already started work on several, it would be a spoiler if I said something. One thing I can say is that our stance on game production has not changed. In making a new game, we’re not being conscious of making something that resembles Dark Souls, or on the other hand of making something that doesn’t resemble Dark Souls. Not being concerned about whether it is similar to Dark Souls, I plan on making a game that I want to make now, and that is interesting and worthwhile.”

As much as I genuinely do want more action-RPGs with intricate worlds to come out of From Software, to my mind, there’s no better sentiment than “I want to make what I’m passionate about.”

Dark Souls III director not concerned about whether or not his next game resembles Dark Souls [Gematsu]

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