Miyamoto discusses his influences

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Look at that face up there. Think of the games that that man has created. Do Easy Rider and bluegrass music pop into your mind? No? Well, Shigeru Miyamoto (the man you were just staring at if you don’t know) says that those were two of his biggest influences growing up.

In an interesting interview with Miyamoto, CVG asked him what his influences were, citing a Beatles shirt he was wearing. Miyamoto replied, “Yes, I loved The Beatles – but when it comes to music, my particular taste is the American bluegrass music. I think bluegrass music was a great influence upon myself. When it comes to the pop culture in general, the movie Easy Rider was kind of a bible for our generation. I also saw Stanley Kubrick’s Space Odyssey, which was great also.”

“A writer or director like Peter Fonda, who made Easy Rider, must have had a great influence upon myself when I was young,” he continued, following up by discussing his home town’s forms of entertainment and their influence on him.

I guess that gag on Miyamoto’s influences and hobbies isn’t working so well.

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