Mix and match Joy-Con colors with this handy chart

Now if only the controllers weren’t so pricey

I lead a plain Gray Joy-Con life and I’m fine with that fact, but if you’re looking to spice up your Nintendo Switch, there’s no shortage of options. Neon Blue. Neon Pink. Eevee Brown (!). The list goes on.

Going one step further (and don’t tell any authority figures I told you this), you could also mix and match different Joy-Con colors. A user on reddit, FoxyPMC, took the liberty of whipping up a spreadsheet that contains “every possible combination of every officially licensed/released Joy-Con to date.”

It’s a neat thing to look at while we pass the time until the weekend kicks off and we’re taken by the snow. Nothing more, nothing less. Personally, I’m holding out on buying a second pair of Joy-Con until Nintendo gets its act together and releases an “Atomic Purple Game Boy Advance Worm Light” shade.

Updated Joy-Con Combination Chart [reddit]

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