Mistwalker teams with Bravely Default studio on mystery project

Announcements of announcements

Silicon Studio and Mistwalker are jointly developing a new game, the studios just announced.

What they won’t tell us is what the game is called, what it looks like, or when it might come out. But all will be revealed, they promise, at a later date. Who knows how soon? It’s a mystery!

Also a mystery is this image (pictured above), which came along with today’s announcement. However, it first appeared on Mistwalker’s website in 2009 shortly after the company’s role-playing game Cry On was canceled in the middle of development, and then later showed up during the promotional campaign for Terra Battle along with a pledges of a console game.

So this announcement probably that. You know, unless it isn’t. Nothing is official yet, remember? Maybe it’s just something Mistwalker likes to troll people with every couple years.

Silicon Studio, maker of Bravely Default and 3D Dot Game Heroes, released Bravely Second: End Layer with Square Enix in Japan last year (coming soon to a Europe and America near you).

Check at that picture for the third time. Get those hopes up. Announcement’s a-comin’.

シリコンスタジオ、ファイナルファンタジーの生みの親、坂口博信氏が率いるミストウォーカーと協業新作タイトルの共同開発を開始 [Silicon Studio]


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