MIstwalker artist may have accidentally revealed new game

This is a bit of a stretch, but Mistwalker is such a quiet studio that we’ll take whatever bones we’re thrown. The Internet, hungry for any new information from the Japanese RPG developer, has descended upon this photograph of a Mistwalker artist known only as Watanabe. He was photographed at his desk working on what appears to be a new project. Check it out, grassy fields and an unfinished render of what looks like a little girl.

Like I said, it’s a stretch, but everybody else seems to be busting a nut over it, so we’re presenting it here for you. This might be the first hint about the mystery project that Hironobu Sakaguchi was talking about last week. Or, it could be nothing at all, and this is merely rudderless speculation. That’s up to you to decide.

I just hope we get news of the new game soon. Lost Odyssey was the last brilliant console JRPG I ever played. I need more, please!

Jim Sterling