Missed the GTA 6 leak? Fans have created a comprehensive document on it

The definitive GTA 6 leak summary.

Jimmy in Grand Theft Auto 5.

GTA 6 has the honor of having stirred plenty of controversy without so much as an official image of the game released. Thanks to the colossal influence of the GTA franchise, GTA 6 is one of the most anticipated games of all time, and fans have been desperate to see what Rockstar is working on.

Last year, we got to see a bit of the upcoming project through a historic leak. The consequences of the leak were massive both for Rockstar and the leaker. For Rockstar, developers had their work prematurely shown, and the studio had to divert its resources to plugging the leak. The leaker, who goes by the alias teapotuberhacker, was eventually caught, and they are facing legal ramifications.

Although the game was still in rough shape when it was leaked, there was plenty to be learned regarding the studio’s ideas for the game. Due to the size of the leak, you’d be forgiven for not knowing everything that it revealed. Fortunately, there are dedicated fans who have analyzed the leak to death, and they have combined their knowledge into a single PDF that summarizes all the important aspects of the leak.

You’ll find the useful document on the r/GTA6 subreddit. When reading it, bear in mind the game was in a very early state when it leaked. Hence what was seen may be changed or even removed by the time the final game sees daylight.

Franklin in Grand Theft Auto 6.
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Everything covered in the GTA 6 leak document

The GTA 6 leak was a historic moment for gaming, which partially explains why there has been so much attention paid to it. Not only did the leak happen to one of the most highly anticipated games, but it was also one of the largest leaks any game has ever suffered so early on in development. As the document summarizes, the internet was flooded with 90 videos and the game’s Python code.

The document tracks minor details, such as observed tweaks in Rockstar’s Euphoria physics, and different lighting and weather effects. All named characters are also listed, including Lucia and Jason who appear to be the upcoming protagonists. Several items and tools are also catalogued, including golf clubs and a USB drive.

Thanks to the leak, we also have an idea of some of the brands that may feature in the final game. As is typically the case for the franchise, many of the names are lewd puns. There have also been a few interesting mechanics observed, such as:

  • walking while in cover
  • going prone
  • looting cars
  • robberies
  • hacking
  • clothes becoming dirty
  • urban wildlife such as raccoons in trash

The entire document is interesting, and if even half the observed features make it into the final game, GTA 6 has the chance to easily surpass its predecessors. We have no release date for the game yet, though Rockstar has confirmed that it is hard at work on the next entry in the Grand Theft Auto franchise.

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