Miss Video Game expels one contestant for YouTube videos – updated

[Updated: Please note that only one contestant was removed for the illegal activity witnessed in the drinking and driving You Tube video.  The girl in the Anal Sex Discussion video is still in the contest.  An email was sent to me from the Miss Video Game representitives to correct this mistake on the original statement they emailed me.]

This is why we never videotape the stupid, illegal things we do.

Two contestants in the Miss Video Game contest were recently expelled for indecent and illegal activities seen in two YouTube videos after they were brought to the attention of the representatives of MVG.

The representatives at Miss Video Game sent me this official statement to explain their reasons for expelling the two girls:

To whom it may concern,

Miss Video Game has decided to disqualify two contestants because of crude and inappropriate conduct. One of the contestants is filmed passing what seems to be a bottle of Vodka to the driver, while he seems to be driving on the highway. The other discusses ‘Anal Sex’ on video.

Both these contestants claim to aspire to the MLG. Red Bull is also in the background of one of the girl’s pictures and in the background of the video. Interestingly enough Red Bull sponsors the MLG. Somehow we think these girls are endorsed by the MLG. With or without this speculation, we will not have Miss Video Game on that playing field and they certainly won’t be in ours. We’re about gaming not toilet humor and illegal activities.

I was also forwarded a copy of the email that was sent to both girls explaining why they were expelled:

Hi *******,

Unfortunately, you have been expelled from the Miss Video Contest in order to uphold the spirit of the contest.

We removed you from the contest because of this video found on the internet that some of our users have brought to our attention: In this scene you pass a bottle of what seems to be alcohol to the driver; this is an unacceptable portrait of our contestants. Especially with minors looking up to the gaming girls on our website.

Best of luck at your next tournament. Don’t Drink and Drive.

Best regards,

The Gamers @ Miss Video Game

Both girls are apparently members of the MLG and someone from their group, known as Halo2Chic on YouTube has been posting several videos of the group’s activities, both gaming and non-gaming related. I was able to find the Anal Sex Discussion video and one video where the girl claims she’s drinking vodka in the car out of a water bottle, but I wasn’t able to find the video where the driver is drinking vodka while driving, though a few videos are private viewing only; one of those videos being labeled drunk by the way. If someone can find me a copy of the alleged driver drinking vodka video, please email me with the link.

Here’s the Anal Sex Discussion video and the Drinking Vodka from a Water bottle in the Car video. Enjoy!


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