Mirror’s Edge Catalyst trademarked by EA

I have more than a little faith in this

Seeing how my darling Mirror’s Edge is coming along has become one of my favourite parts of recent E3s. The first game holds a very special place in my heart, and so imagine how intrigued I felt when I found out EA has trademarked Mirror’s Edge Catalyst.

While we weren’t sure how official this was initially, the official Mirror’s Edge Twitter account nicely clarified that Catalyst is in some way related to its upcoming announcements:

Whether this is the full title for Mirror’s Edge 2, a previous-gen title, or a subtitle for a trailer a-la BioShock 2’s Sea of Dreams bullshit, we just don’t know. All we know is the word “Catalyst” is connected with an upcoming Mirror’s Edge announcement in some way.

The use of “catalyst” may make some sense in Mirror’s Edge lore, as runner Faith is part of a subculture that opposes the heavy surveillance put on the city by its government. Maybe we will see a revolution in the city in this new game? Maybe it relates to how Faith became a runner in the first place?

All of this is complete conjecture, of course. But I am expecting we’ll see more about it at E3 next week. And yes, I will cry like a baby if we get a more specific release date than just 2016. I love the original Mirror’s Edge so god damn much.

EA files trademark for Mirror’s Edge Catalyst [IGN]

Joe Parlock