Minor league wrestler accidentally outs WWE 2K16’s existence

Surprising exactly no one

After taking a proverbial steel chair to the back with WWE 2K15, the wrestling series seems poised to make a return to the squared circle. That’s not shocking in its own right, but what’s interesting is that 2K Games didn’t get a chance to control the announcement. Instead, a minor league wrestler took that into her own hands.

Sasha Banks is a wrestler in NXT, the development league for WWE. On Twitter, a fan asked if she got “scanned” to be a playable character in WWE 2K16. Banks replied with a simple “Yes, I did,” effectively outing the game’s existence, likely months before the publisher would’ve preferred. For comparison’s sake, WWE 2K15 was revealed in May.

Fortunately for Banks, it’s not the most egregious of errors. Everyone knew there’d be another installment in the franchise. She was maybe just a tad too eager to state her involvement.

@SashaBanksWWE [Twitter — Thanks, Sebastian!]

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