Minesweeper coming to XBLA: Pay money for a free Windows game

Considering it’s generally free to game on a PC and it costs money to play on Xbox Live, it only stands to reason that a free PC game should also appear on Xbo LIVE Arcade for a fee. Yes, Tik Games has finally officially announced a “sequel” to Minesweeper, known as Minesweeper Flags. Now the staple of my Windows 32 childhood can return for cold, hard cash.

Team Xbox has gone hands-on with the game and returned with the following information:

Campaign Mode is a series of 140 of these terrain-based boards spread across the seven continents. You start with North America, which gives you boards surrounded by wildlife (such as bears and deer), a lake with a boat and similar views. When you get to South America, the boards have grass that’s a bit more scarce with such visuals as stone statues, cactus and grazing llama. When you get to the last puzzles in Antarctica, the whole terrain is covered with snow, with buildings, penguins and snowmobiles dotting the landscape. 

Certainly a little more evolved from a bunch of grey blocks and a little yellow smiley face, but even so … Minesweeper. I somehow don’t think it will have quite the artistic and emotional impact that Braid had, to be honest.

Still, you never know.

James Stephanie Sterling