Minecraft player trolled by Mojang over username

It’s good Mojang can laugh at this

A few years ago, reddit user JessemoForice had some trouble logging into his Minecraft account. Rather than blaming himself for forgetting his own details or contacting tech support he got a little bit annoyed with the creators of the game and created a new account in anger under the name “MojangSucksDick”. Very original and clever, I think you’ll all agree.

Turns out it was quite fun to live life as MojangSucksDick, so JessemoForice decided to stick with the account for several years, until this week Mojang finally spotted his account and decided to have some fun with the Minecraft user.

Apparently Mojang found the player’s username while responding to an unrelated report about an unsuitable username that also contained the phrase “SucksDick”.  Rather than ban the account, they changed his name and waited to see how he would react.

Yep, the company changed his name from MojangSucksDick to NoWeDont. Thankfully both sides were able to have a good laugh about the situation on reddit, no hard feelings were had on either side and one Minecraft user now has an amusing story to tell people about his username.

Laura Dale