Minecraft entering beta on December 20

Minecraft might be one of the most popular things on the web right now as far as gaming goes so it’s easy to forget that the game is still in alpha. Not for much longer, however! As it states over at The Word of Notch the Minecraft beta will begin on December 20. The dark days of alpha are over.

What does this mean exactly? The launch of beta will mean a larger focus on polish and content. Modders will get a bit more love as well as there will be “proper modding support with a stable API.” A bit more interesting is the mention of a non-intrusive narrative for the game that will keep people moving forward when first starting and have a late game goal.

Now for the less exciting part. When the game enters beta the price of it will double to 14.95 Euro. The developers will also be removing the promise that all futures updates of the game will be free. However, this reneging of the free update promise will only affect those who purchase the game after December 20. All those in the alpha will still receive all future updates for free.

Now is the time to get into the game if you ever planned to do it.

Minecraft Beta: December 20, 2010 [The Word of Notch]


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