Minecraft Digital Tourist: Chill treks through awesome games in 4K UHD

Exploring digital worlds from home

Digital Tourist is back once again to let you virtually globetrot across the worlds of video games. This week we’re diving into the squared-off landscapes of Minecraft.

If you don’t remember, each week we’ll be dropping new videos showcasing the beautiful worlds that game developers have crafted in painstaking polygonal detail—no questing; no combat (usually); no UI. Just a (mostly) peaceful walk, stroll, glide, trot, or trek across some of the greatest places to never exist.

Now, I hear you thinking, “Stefan, Minecraft isn’t exactly the best looking game on the market. Why showcase this in particular?” Well, with just a few steps, anyone can transform Minecraft into a visual treat that any PC gamer would be proud to show off. It’s so simple in fact that this week comes with a modding guide that will show you everything you need to know to get started with modding Minecraft in just about 3 minutes.

If that wasn’t enough, this week is going to be a double feature. Two-run across different world seeds showing off the many varieties of biomes the base game offers and a ton more that are available through the Biomes O’ Plenty mod. On top of that, Sildur’s amazing shaders installed with Optifine were used to provide the amazing lighting in today’s episodes. All of this, as always, is presented in glorious 4K.

Lastly, we’ve got two more Breath of the Wild episodes for you, this time featuring Sheik and Dark Link. Enjoy, and let us know which games you’d like to see in future episodes of Digital Tourist!

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