Minds blown: Criterion adding motorbikes, night time to Burnout Paradise

I’m not going to complain that Criterion are releasing too many damned Burnout Paradise updates and that they’re getting hard to keep up with. OK, fine — I am. There’s a “Bogart” update, a “Cagney” update, and then there’s this damned “Davis” update. But it’s hard to stay mad at Criterion because the “Davis” update will bring — take a seat — night time and motorbikes. 

Holy crap.

“Because we’re dedicated to bringing you game-changing new Burnout Paradise content all year,” Criterion writes on their official blog, “bikes will feature their own game modes, challenges and even some new locations tailored to fit their unique performance and handing characteristics.”

I repeat — holy crap. The update will hit sometime in August, and while no pricing has been set, if you think this kind of content isn’t going to come at a premium, you’re nuts. And if you’re going to complain about having to pay for it, that also means you’re nuts (and possibly dense).

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