Mila Kunis brushes Geoff Keighley’s questions off, doesn’t confirm Max Payne 3

Hey, I liked Max Payne and the follow up, the cleverly titled Max Payne 2: The Fall of Max Payne. So sure, I’m lined up for a potential next-gen Max Payne game. With the film adaptation speeding to the theaters, starring Mark Wahlberg as Max Payne and Mila Kunis as love-interest Mona Sax, a new game seems like a no-brainer. 

At this year’s Comic-Con, GameTrailersTV caught up with Kunis and put the actress on the spot — would she be providing the voice of Sax in Max Payne 3?

“Yeah. Max Payne 9, 7,” she jokes. “I don’t know.”

GameTrailersTV’s Geoff Keighley pushes her further into a corner, at which point she brushes off the question by saying, “Yeah. Sure.”

Well, if that’s not a confirmation of a new Max Payne title, I don’t know what is. I mean, it’s not as if Kunis could have been blindsided by a question about something she likely knows absolutely nothing about and just reacted, right? Maybe I’m looking into it too much … sorry. 

Max Payne 3 starring Mila Kunis … confirmed. 

[Via CVG]

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