Mikey Neumann to help Anthony Burch save the world

Not content with having one successful web show with Hey Ash, What You Playing?, former Destructoid writer Anthony Burch has agreed to team up with Gearbox Creative Director Mikey Neumann… to save the world.

Neumann’s brainchild, the series is appropriately called Anthony Saves The World, and has made its premiere on YouTube today. In this first episode we learn that Mikey has been sent from the future in order to save Anthony from some folks — including one demon! — who are trying to kill him. Why? Because he’s going to save the world, of course.

“It all just happened because a comic deal [I was working on] fell through, and I asked Anthony one day to do a web show with me,” Neumann tells me of the project’s origins. “So, he’s my hero. He was in from the get go.”

“I rhyme at will, biatch,” he later explains, which I’m now quoting completely out of context.

Check out the first episode above — one table gets busted, one Catan manual gets ripped up, I spot a single can of Lysol, one bullet gets fired, and time travel is loosely explained. Enjoy.

Nick Chester