Miitopia update patches in support for Universal Power-Up Bands

They’ll work like amiibo

The new version of Miitopia is pretty much the same as the old one, and both of them support amiibo functionality.

But of course the new hotness always benefits from advancements, and in this case, the Switch edition just got patched to support the Power-Up Bands from Universal’s Super Nintendo World theme park. This is on top of all of the prior amiibo figure functionality.

As a refresher, these bands are sold at the park (and can be imported on the secondhand market), and are basically amiibo equivalents. Right now Nintendo is only producing them for some of the more popular characters in their stable, but if they catch on, they’ll likely expand the line. You can read all about them here in our hands-on impressions.

To use them in Miitopia, you’ll encounter an NPC called the “Nintendo Fan” (which you can customize) very early in the game: just a few steps from the starting town. Head to them and just tap an amiibo to your controller/Switch and you’re good to go. Figures range from outfit to minor item bonuses.

Miitopia [Nintendo]

Ver. 1.0.3 (Released May 25, 2021)


  • Added support for the Power-Up Band (amiibo).
    • If you show the Power-Up Band to the Nintendo Fan, you will get a character outfit.


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