MiiStation.com: Greatest bargain ever

Are you too lazy to make your own Mii? Does the idea of using sliders and menus to create something on a screen seem like neuroscience to you? Well, fret no more! MiiStation.com solves all those problems for you. For the simple cost of $5 and a photo of yourself, MiiStation will create a Mii that looks just like you! Just as their site describes:

Drawing a Mii you can be proud of is tough. Which hair style? What nose? Besides, each feature isn’t fixed – you can stretch, you can squeeze, you can do as you please! With so many options from which to choose, stop wasting time and let our graphic artists make a Mii your friends will actually recognize.

I completely agree! I have to spend two hours working on a Mii that doesn’t look like a horrible love child of Nex and Naomi.

Now Internet, I turn to you for help. I know I’m not crazy, and I feel that I have some level of common sense. Can you please tell me why something like this exists? I would think that anyone who is capable of actually using a computer and getting to MiiStation.com would be able to make their own Mii. Also, isn’t the cost a bit expensive? Not according to their FAQ:

$5.00?! That’s expensive!

Actually, it doesn’t even cover the costs. We love the Mii concept, and just want to give any frustrated Wii owners a chance to be happy for their Miis. Miis have their own life too, after all. And if you must know, our artists are not sweatshop slaves but native Japanese – right in Nintendo’s homeland!

Destructoidites, what are your thoughts?

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