Mii Fighter 3-pack, Mewtwo, and Falco amiibo dated

All in November

Nintendo has shared some news with us in regards to some upcoming amiibo dates, which is always great. The Mii Fighter 3-pack will arrive on November 1, priced at $34.99. Additionally, Mewtwo will launch on November 13, and Falco will hit on November 20, both for $12.99.

In case you haven’t heard, Mega Yarn Yoshi will be available on November 15 for $39.99. Yowza! Hopefully the 3-pack will be readily available — I assume so, as the Mii Fighters are hardly in-demand commodity. Mewtwo on the other hand is ripe for an exclusivity deal.

Finally, Yoshi’s Woolly World will indeed launch on October 16 in the US for $49.99, and you can spring for a bundle with a green Yoshi amiibo for $59.99. Green, pink, and blue amiibo variants will be sold on the same date for $16.99 each.

Chris Carter
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