Midway reveals BlackSite: Area 51

IGN has the first details (including screens and a trailer) on Midway’s upcoming FPS, BlackSite: Area 51 (set to hit PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and PC this summer).

The sequel to last year’s surprisingly decent revival of the coin-op “classic,” BlackSite seems set to offer unique choices in the form of branching level pathways, and a surprisingly deep command of your squadmates. In a scary micromanagement-like twist, you’ll have to not only consider the health and safety of your squad, but also their morale. No word on whether you’ll have to make sure they use the bathroom and brush their teeth.

Visually, the game appears impressive, with destructible environments (which you will use for cover) and other “must have” next-gen visual trickery. Throw in some vehicles and your standard multiplayer modes (along with a few BlackSite specific variants such as Human vs. Reborn) and Midway might have a winner on its hands.

Now can we get some sort of light gun support, please?

Nick Chester