Midway launches MidwayArcade.com

MidwayArcade.com is exactly as it sounds. More than 25 of Midway’s arcade classics and touchscreen games can be downloaded and played on your PC. Titles like Defender, APB, Joust, and Gauntlet II and be downloaded for as low as $5 for 3 games.

Midway has also announced a digital storefront at Midway.com. This site features more recent Midway releases, like Unreal Tournament 3 or Blacksite Area 51, for prices starting at about $10.

“The Midway brand has a long and rich history of fast-paced and addictive games from our arcade and touchscreen heritage,” said Mona Hamilton, vice president, marketing, Midway Home Entertainment. “The new digital storefront at midway.com and the casual games site at midwayarcade.com allow us to deliver these classics, favorites and recent releases directly to a wide-range of Midway fans.” 

Are you down with the old Midway games? Wait, don’t you have a couple of the Midway collections already?

Hit the jump for a full list of games offered on MidwayArcade.com.

Arcade Games – APB™, Arch Rivals®, Cyberball™, Defender®, Gauntlet® 2, Rampage®, Rootbeer Tapper®, Spy Hunter®, Joust®, Primal Rage®, Super Offroad®, Total Carnage™, Wizard of Wor®, Robotron: 2084®.

Titles from the Midway arcade catalog are available for purchase in bundles of 3 for US$5, 5 for US$8 and 7 for US$10. All 14 Midway arcade titles can be purchased for US$15.

Touchmaster® Games – 3 Peak Deluxe®, 5 Star Generals®, Crystal Balls®, Gem Slide®, Go Wild™, Mahjongg Pairs, Mahki®, Powercell®, Solitaire, Target 21®, Trivia, Word Search, Wordz®. Casual Touchmaster games are available for US$5 each.

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