Midnight Riders coming to Rock Band by way of Rock Band Network

Fictional Left 4 Dead 2 southern rock band the Midnight Riders may be headed to Rock Band… which, without question, is totally awesome.

Two of the band’s tracks, “Midnight Ride” and “One Bad Man,” are currently in the playtest phase on Rock Band Network. The tracks, supposedly taken from the greatest hits record, High Heels & Brushed Steel, were also featured in Left 4 Dead 2.

While a song being authored and playtested doesn’t guarantee it’ll make its way to the public, it’s likely the songs will see the light of day. If not, there’s a big chance that Midnight Riders lead guitarist Dusty will ride into Harmonix’s hometown of Boston and start cracking some skulls. With his fists.

Watch the above video to get a listen to “Midnight Ride”; “One Bad Man” can be heard after the jump.

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