Midnight Club: Los Angeles ‘Vehicle’ pack hits April 16

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Rockstar continue to support Midnight Club: Los Angeles with downlodable content, today announcing vehicles packs that will be available over the next few weeks.

“South Central Vehicle Pack 1” will be available on April 16 for $2.99 (on PlayStation Network, 240 MS Points on Xbox LIVE Marketplace) you get three vehicles — an Audi S5, the Mercedes CL 65, and a 2009 Eclipse GT tuner. “Pack 2” drops on April 23 for the same price and includes: a Cadillack XLR V, a Lancer Evolution X, an Aston Martin DB9, and a “free” Ducati 1098 motorcyle. Not sure how the bike is free, considering you’ll be, you know, paying for the pack… 

On one hand, I have to give props to Rockstar for continuing to support the game with DLC (the South Central update itself was pretty significant). But in the face of Criterion’s Burnout Paradise support (most of which was significant and free), it’s kind of difficult to get too excited about this stuff. Will there come a time when we can stop comparing all racer DLC (or any DLC in general) to Burnout Paradise?

Anyone picking up these cars when they drop?

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