Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor was updated so completionists can unlock online achievements and trophies

The online features were dropped but life finds a way

There’s a creeping sense of dread for any game with online-only modes, unlockable content, or achievements and trophies. It’s a matter of time before time runs out and they’re no longer accessible. It’s a common-enough occurrence that developers need to include failsafes as much as possible.

As we recently covered, Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor – not to be confused with the 2017 sequel Shadow of War – is one such example. Warner Bros. decided to shut the servers down, but even though there are a few online-centric achievements and trophies, players will still be able to pop ’em. An update was released for Shadow of Mordor on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One yesterday to make it so.

Specifically, Repaid in Blood (“Complete a Vendetta Mission“), The Hunt is My Mistress (“Complete all objectives in the Test of the Wild“), and Lord of the Ring (“Complete all objectives in the Test of The Ring“) can be unlocked despite the lack of Vendetta missions and online leaderboards.

File this one under “good to know.” Not that I’m about to dig out Shadow of Mordor in 2021, but I know what it feels like to consider cracking open an older game and ultimately decide against it because there’s some unfortunate caveat driving you away. Impossible trophies can have that effect on me.

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