Microsoft’s Marketing Director says 360 games are superior to PS3

After a recent article at Gamepro in which they compared current console titles against one another and pronounced the PS3 as the best of the bunch, Microsoft Marketing Director Albert Penello had a few choice words to say. Basically, he felt they were dead wrong, which I’m not sure I entirely disagree with. Here is a quote:

“We have to disagree with your conclusion that the trend of Xbox 360 versions of games being best is changing, especially when you look at the entire catalog of multiplatform titles available,” he wrote in a rebuttal.

“The cold, hard truth is that Xbox 360 has the best games – and industry reviewers and consumers agree.”

Having been recently sucked into the most resonant RPG I’ve played in ages on the 360, I can’t help but lean towards supporting Mr. Penello here, but numbers still show the Wii in the lead, with 360 second and PS3 third. I think the average gamer would likely name the 360 their favorite, while the casual gamer likely favors the Wii due to ease of play and simple titles. Of course, those very qualities are what make hardcore gamers squirm with hatred for the console, so it seems those features should be a double-edged sword.

Of course, I’d be more likely to cheer on my PS3 if I looked at its game library and saw the diversity that I crave when it comes to gaming. Where are my RPG titles, my indie gems, my quirky Katamaris? I still have great faith in the possibilities for the console, but for now my 360 come sout on top, considering that’s the console that gets turned on every day.

[Via S-Times — thanks, Jonathan]

Colette Bennett