Microsoft’s HoloLens will feature Xbox Live and [email protected] support

Four platforms to rule them all

With Microsoft’s gamescom press conference mere hours away, little bits of news are starting to pop up here and there that it didn’t deem worth making part of the main conference. From the looks of it, some additional HoloLens functionality has been announced to help kick off the day.

During yesterday’s GDC Europe talk “One game across PC, Phone, Xbox, and HoloLens,” it was announced that the API for Windows Live will not only be supported on Xbox One and Windows 10, but also Windows Phone and the HoloLens. The idea here is that [email protected] developers should be able to create software that is cross-compatible with all four devices in the near future.

So, we will hopefully in the future see games that are cross-buy for multiple devices, with a shared store, saves, achievements and support. Does this make you any more excited about HoloLens?

Laura Dale