Microsoft wants the Xbox 360 to be like the PS2

Chief financial officer for Microsoft’s entertainment division, Mindy Mount, recently stated that Microsoft wants the support for the Xbox 360 to last longer than five years:

“Look at the PS2; they’ve gone long-time and seem to have pretty good legs on what they are doing. If we were able to do that, as CFO I think that’s great, because every year you draw it out you increase profitability”

It’s quite interesting to see Microsoft looking to the PS2 as an example of what they want to strive for. Granted, there are a lot of similarities between the Xbox 360 and the PS2 if you really think about it. They both launched earlier then their competitors, a greater amount of games to choose from than their competitors, a bigger install base and both have horrible internal designs (Disc Read Error and Red Ring of Death). 

Now this doesn’t mean Microsoft won’t release a new console after five years either. It’s just they won’t abandon the 360 when the next Xbox comes out like with the original Xbox. 

As a recent 360 owner, it’s reassuring to know that there will still be some games coming out for the console while I wait around to get the “next-gen” console. How do you feel about this?

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