Microsoft offers ten free Arcade games in new promotion

Microsoft is feeling generous lately. First we all got Carcassonne for nothing, and now the company is offering ten free Xbox Live Arcade games to new and existing customers as part of a fresh promotional campaign.

New Xbox 360 owners can partner with existing customers in the “recommend a friend” promotion which seems a rather tried and tested campaign. Such titles as Sonic the Hedgehog and Every Extend Extra Extreme are up for grabs, along with other more high profile offerings. It seems like it’s not just the crappy titles being foisted on gamers in this one.

“… This incredible offer also enforces the fact we’ve got an exceptional online service in Xbox Live, which truly does bring everyone together,” boasted Microsoft UK’s head of gaming and entertainment, Stephen McGill.

Now all you have to do is force your weakest family member to buy an Xbox 360, then threaten the runt to help you get the games. After that, since you’ve gone so far, you might as well break his/her legs and take the 360, too. I encourage the most impressionable of my readers to do this. It will be fun.

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