Microsoft might be looking to improve the Xbox Elite controller

The Eliter? The More Elite?

Microsoft made one of the best gamepads ever in 2015 when it introduced the Xbox Elite controller. It’s a sturdy, comfortable, functional, and customizable device. Most anyone who can look past the $150 price would be quick to recommend it.

The Elite might be getting better. Rumors are circulating that Microsoft is revamping the Elite controller for an improved second version. Images first surfaced on Chinese site Bidau (they can be seen in the gallery below). Since then, other outlets like The Verge have corroborated the leaked images with reports from their sources that the photos are legitimate.

This iteration of the Elite is said to have a few significant changes. The rumored alterations are: Windows 10 Bluetooth support, a USB-C port, a built-in battery pack, adjustable thumbstick tension, three-level hair trigger locks, a switch to swap between three preset profiles, longer key travel for the paddles, and new grips that are allegedly more resistant to wearing down.

If Microsoft is indeed manufacturing a new Elite for retail, it’s anyone’s guess as to when an actual reveal and release might happen. E3 is the easy prediction but that’s a ways off. Microsoft is playing this one close to the chest for now. We reached out and received the stock reply “Microsoft does not comment on rumor or speculation.”

New Xbox Elite controller revealed in leaked images [The Verge]

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