Microsoft memo reveals ’08 releases

An internal memo from Microsoft games chief Don Mattrick (graciously reprinted in full by Dean Takahashi) reveals some interesting (and not so interesting if you’re not into number crunching) tidbits regarding Microsoft exclusive releases in ’08 as well as projections for the sales performance of the system in the coming year.

While the majority of the discourse throughout the memo is simply corporate glad-handing and peptalkery, one paragraph in particular casts an interestingly speculative light:

In 2008 the hits will continue to come with exclusives including “Halo Wars,” “Too Human,” “Fable 2,” Alan Wake,” “Splinter Cell: Conviction,” and several exciting yet-to-be-announced titles.  Xbox 360 will be home to the next versions of great franchises like Grand Theft Auto and Resident Evil, and we will continue to be the leading choice for sports fans, with the next editions of Madden and FIFA looking and playing better on our platform. 

While the release of Halo Wars, Fable 2, Grand Theft Auto IV, Alan Wake, Splinter Cell: Conviction, and Too Human in 2008 were to be expected, Resident Evil 5 (which, while not specifically mentioned is likely the Resident Evil to which the memo refers) was widely thought to be coming out in 2009. Notably missing is any mention of Ninja Gaiden 2, which could mean nothing or could indicate a delayed release. 

Mattrick goes on to note that by the end of 2008 the Xbox 360 will be “the leader of this generation of consoles” (or so he believes). Mattrick appears to have reached his conclusion via the trend of previous top dogs producing the most third party revenue; an example the Xbox 360 has followed though whether that trend will continue in these heady days of (supposedly) skyrocketing Wii sales remains to be seen.

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