Microsoft Japan’s trailer for the ton of announced games

Microsoft Japan dropped a bomb on…well, that’s pretty tasteless, come to think about it. Microsoft Japan took a big dump on Tokyo…wait, that’s kind of bad too. Okay — a recent press conference announced 31 titles for the Xbox 360 in Japan, and now we have a trailer that shows many of them off.

As you’d imagine, most of it is what our own Nick Chester called “gaijin crap,” which means stuff we already have. Like Mass Effect. And NHL 2K9. Seriously? But now that Japan has over 1 million Xbox 360 users, I think launching these games are good move for them. Someone’s got to buy some of them, right?

As for the non “gaijin crap” highlights to look for, I made a little list of the interesting/new stuff.

In order of appearance:

  • there’s sexy footage of King of Fighters XII
  • more fighting game hotness with Blazblue
  • a shooter called Mamorokun wa Norowareteshimatta (more on this later)
  • Dream Club (seen above) has some hot maid action and a good website
  • Tayutama: Kiss on my Deity is something we’ll leave to otaku
  • while not Japanese, that Operation Flashpoint footage is cool
  • TimeLeap has cell-shaded anime girls at the beach
  • Ketsui Kizuna Jigoku Tachi EXTRA is another good looking shump
  • Same story with Cave’s Deathsmiles — also, website
  • Manga Carta 2 looks hot

Granted, we’re not getting all of the above listed, but does any of this appeal to you? I’m glad lots of shmups are coming to Japan’s Xbox 360. On top of that, I’m interested in both the fighters and Manga Carta 2. What about you?

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