Microsoft fixes HDMI sound problem, rejoice

Moving from the old Xbox Experience to the New hasn’t been all lollipops and sugarplums for some users. After upgrading to the new hotness, a small group of HDMI-equipped people experienced a total loss of sound. While the bug made playing Two Worlds bearable, many weren’t so happy that they couldn’t hear their favorite videogames or Netflix movies.

Microsoft hasn’t been able to nail the problem until now. Major Nelson recently updated his blog to tell the readers of the Internet world that a fix has been found. Tomorrow (February 3) Microsoft will distribute a global patch. Nelson stressed patience as it rolls out, but we all know that’s something most of the Xbox Live community doesn’t have.

For those who experienced the problem, what will be the first game you’ll hear after plugging back in that HDMI cable?

Brad BradNicholson