Microsoft explains why Minecraft runs at 720p on Switch

Issues with docking and undocking

We’ve got our broader impressions on Minecraft for Nintendo Switch up on the site right now, where Jed notes that, “the good certainly outweighs the bad.” One of those bads is that it runs at 720p in both handheld and docked modes. If that was the one that stood out to you, perhaps you’re wondering: why? 

Well, according to a Microsoft representative, via Time, Minecraft cannot currently run at 1080p on the Switch thanks to, “issues currently experienced shifting from one resolution to the other when docking/undocking.”

It’s not that the Switch is underpowered for the blocky game. And if Microsoft can figure out how to address those issues, Minecraft could end up at 1080p on Switch eventually. For the time being, at least it runs at 60fps both docked and undocked!

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