Microsoft claims to have ironed out the fail from Xbox 360

A recent survey conducted by Game Informer gave a fail rate of 54% to the Xbox 360. None of you seemed surprised by that number. We’ve all seen enough of the Red Ring of Death to know. I don’t think Microsoft was surprised by it, either. But from what Microsoft man Aaron Greenberg says, you can rest assured that your newer Xbox 360 is going to last you. And those bad days? He says that he feels that “most of this is well behind us.”

“I can tell you the consoles we’re making today have lower-heat chips and better cooling, and we’re seeing fantastic quality in those consoles today,” Greenberg told GameSpot. “That said, I know people have had issues with systems which were bought earlier in the life cycle and that’s part of the reason why we implemented our unprecedented three-year warranty for anyone who gets the three red-ring flashing light error or the E74 error.” 

I’d ask you, the gamer, if these improvements came a bit too late, but obviously they haven’t. I don’t know of anyone who stopped playing Xbox 360 because of these hardware failures. You know that Microsoft has learned from their errors. That next piece of hardware is going to be tested so hard that it’s not even going to be funny.

Dale North