Michael Fassbender to star in Hollywood Kung Fury sequel

Magneto and Hasselhoff and mullets, oh my!

Kung Fury, for the uninitiated, is a 2015 crowd-funded short film that pays homage to ’80s cop and martial arts movies. It’s solid gold shit, the best of bad movies, but coming in at only 31 minutes in length, it’s never been able to call itself a ‘movie,’ only a short, until now.

It’s been announced that Michael Fassbender has joined the cast of a sequel in an unknown capacity. Kung Fury himself, creator, writer, director, and producer David Sandberg will also return, as will David Hasselhoff.

When Kung Fury was created, there was a stretch goal of $1M to create a feature length film; tragically, the campaign fell well short of that benchmark and backers got 31 precious minutes instead. Now with the backing of the dudes at KatzSmith Productions, rich off the bank from It, Sandberg and fans will get the Kung Fury movie they deserve, with award-level actors, actual studios, and real fucking ninjas

Michael Fassbender to star in ‘Kung Fury’ Feature Film [Hollywood Reporter]

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