MGS4 PS3 bundle has everything you need, including backwards compatibility

I’ve always hated the phrase “everything but the kitchen sink.” What the hell does that mean, anyway? I have to use it here, though. The recently announced Metal Gear Solid 4 PlayStation 3 bundle does include everything but the kitchen sink, and that includes backwards compatibility for your PS2 game collection.

You already knew that the bundle contained MGS4 and an 80GB PS3. Also, DualShock 3? Check. Not bad for $499, right? But a PlayStation Blog reader wanted a bit more value in his bundle, according to MCV. The reader hit the comments section of the PlayStation Blog post with a backwards compatibility question, and he received this response: 

Yes, similar to the Motorstorm bundle, the new MGS4 bundle features an 80GB PS3 with some PS2 backwards compatibility.

As far as hardware goes, that’s just about everything you could ask for in a PS3 bundle. Nice job, Sony. Make sure you have your online component going strong by then, please.

Oh, and I’m feeling pretty good about the June 12th date CTZ mentioned yesterday. VideoGame Forums has scans of the Japanese PlayStation magazine, and the date is all up in those pages. If Kojima and Konami hold up to their simultaneous worldwide release promise, we’ll have this game in our hands in a few short months.

[Thanks, JR] 

Dale North