MGS4 pre-order DVDs find their way to stores: Some get lucky, others don’t

At least one anonymous Dtoid editor has been hounding the local game store to no avail, since finding out that the Metal Gear Solid 4 pre-order DVDs have been seen (and obviously purchased by the lucky ones) in the wild.

So far, all attempts to secure a copy for said editor has been met with sighs, laughter, and much rolling of eyes by those behind counter (or so I’m told), but “they” are still trying. For those that have suffered a mind wipe, Metal Gear Saga Vol. 2, as it is called, includes those beta access keys that many PS3 owners are clamoring for. Oh yeah… it also has a few trailers for the game, and some backstory of key characters —  just in case you slept through the other games or got confused by the convoluted storylines and just snuck around cargo ships.

Those access keys will come in handy on April 17th, when you can start downloading the beta for Metal Gear Online. You might not want to hold your breath until gametime, as it doesn’t get the full green light until April 21st. Don’t worry though, as you will have until May 5th to take MGO through its paces. DO WANT, too?

[Via gemaga — Thanks, Jeremy!] 

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