MGS4: Leaked trailer, online details and new characters discussed

Above is the Japanese-dubbed trailer for Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots, as leaked from the Tokyo Games Show and currently doing the online rounds. While it’s in Japanese, certain details have already been gleaned from the trailer, which are available via the provided link or after the jump. Even if you don’t speak Japanese though, I advise you to approach this trailer with extreme caution as, like I warned you in an earlier post, Konami is blowing its wad like crazy and showing off way more than is perhaps sensible. At this rate, I begin to wonder if there are any cutscenes left in the game that we haven’t seen some part of.

In other MGS4 news, it has been revealed that the game will include an online starter pack. It seems this pack is something of a free taster in preparation for Metal Gear Online. Further details are yet to be made clear, so it’s safe to just say that Guns of the Patriots will have some online functionality, while Metal Gear Online will remain a seperate title. 

Hit the jump for further details from the leaked trailer, which reveals the names of the new characters shown. Bear in mind however, that these come with spoiler warnings, and spoilers are cereal business.

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As you may know from watching the trailer, a whole host of new characters have shown their faces in Metal Gear Solid 4, as well as a few familiar ones. Let’s check it out.

First up, we have the new Foxhound, consisting of Meryl (hot), Jonathan (mohawk), Ed (bald) and Johnny (balaclava). Now, MGS fans will know of only one guy who wears a balaclava and calls himself Johnny. While this Johnny also goes by the name of Akiba, could he be THE Johnny Sasaki, having put his differences aside with the woman who exposed his pixellated bumhole to the world in the first Metal Gear Solid?  I really hope so. Everybody loves Johnny Sasaki.

Sunny is the young girl in the video, revealed to be Olga’s daughter. Sons of Liberty players will remember that Olga’s daughter was kidnapped by The Patriots. That’s all we know of her so far.

The man with the white handkerchief is an arms dealer called Drebin. He takes guns from the Private Military Companies and removes their ID chips so they can be used by other forces. He seems a bit of a card.

We already know that Eva is in it and that she looks like The Goblin King. I must admit that for a 70-year-old, she’s not too bad. I’d give her a go.

You’ll have noticed an ugly little monkey in this trailer. His name is Little Gray and I hate him already. He’s accompanied by a woman in a white coat. It’s suggested that this woman is Naomi. Is it the original Naomi Hunter? She was said to have gone missing in the Middle East.

Finally, we have the return of Metal Gear Ray and Metal Gear Rex. Already, whispers of a Metal Gear showdown are buzzing on the Intertubes, Fans are talking of a Liquid versus Solid deul using the Metal Gear machines, which I have to admit would be utterly badass, even if I’m not totally excited about Rex being recycled.

James Stephanie Sterling