MGS Peace Walker Collector’s Edition: $50, has artbook

Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker is coming in a Collector’s Edition, just as you’d expect from the special edition loving boys at Konami.

The dudes at Joystiq found that GameStop has a listing for the MGS:PW Collector’s Edition. It turns out that it will cost $50 and will include an exclusive artbook. They also point out that for ten additional bucks, this had better be a kick-ass artbook. There’s no picture or anything, so it could be anything.

I don’t know about all of these artbooks. Not to be mean, but the ones that seem to come in these bundles are little more than glorified mini magazines. Art ripped from the manual and the promo stuff is cool to look at in a larger format, but I have a shelf of these “artbooks” that I never look at. The only ones I really enjoy are the hardbound, sold-separately versions that seem to come out of Japan. You should see my Culdcept one!

Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker Collector’s Edition costs $50, includes ‘exclusive artbook’ [Joystiq]

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