Metroid Prime Remastered physical edition has reversible box art

Metroid Prime Mecha Ridley

Due out on February 22 in the US

Metroid Prime Remastered had a surprise digital release on February 8, but folks will have to wait until February 22 for the physical edition of the game (myself included, who ordered one!).

Early copies are now in the wild, including this one from Reddit user LegoFan12345. But the real story here is that the physical edition includes reversible box art. So what’s on the reverse side? It’s the Japanese box art for the game. Neat! You can peruse both options and the back of the box in the gallery below.

After all this time, it’s wild to see so much focus on Metroid. Between Metroid Dread selling well and Metroid Prime Remastered seeing widespread acclaim, it would stand to reason that we’ll get more Metroid Prime re-releases leading into the question mark release of Metroid Prime 4. That thing is likely so far away that we could even see another 2D Metroid before it comes out.

That said, Nintendo has surprised us before. One E3 Direct and a title announcement: and it could even get a release window. That sort of stuff is why Nintendo is such a wild card, and the industry is better overall with them in it. For now, you can enjoy Metroid Prime again (or for the first time!), over 20 years after the original release.

Chris Carter
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