Metroid Prime Remaster stealth drops today

Metroid Prime Remaster Samus

Just the first one?

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If you were holding out hopes for the Metroid Prime Trilogy to make its way to Nintendo Switch, you’re either going to be really excited or really disappointed. Nintendo has announced that a remaster of the first Metroid Prime will be making its way to Switch. Rather than just an enhanced port that was found in the Wii collection, Metroid Prime Remastered features some touched-up graphics to bring it into the modern day.

The remaster will allow you to use the sticky original lock-on controls or the more standard dual stick setup.

No word on if either of the other two games of the trilogy will receive similar upgrades. For now, Metroid Prime Remastered launches on Nintendo Eshop later today for $39.99. Physical version February 22nd.

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