Metroid Prime 3: Corruption commercial looks pretty damn great

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Alien planets, excessive jumping and plenty of pew-pew-pew action never looked better. On the other hand, Samus Aran could brighten up an auto graveyard with her steely charisma, so maybe we owe it all to her. You can judge for yourself in this Gamedaily exclusive spot for Metroid Prime 3: Corruption, which hits store shelves on August 27th. The Wii players in the video have that trademark look of vacant joy Nintendo so loves to capture, but at least the gameplay looks yummy. For all I know, I might look like that when I play this game too.

Best way to prep? Well, after you pry your clammy paws off BioShock, dash over to the Virtual Console and download Super Metroid and Metroid and get your vintage on. It’s not too often that we gamers get a series as consistenly solid as this one, so we may as well relish it while we can.

[Thanks L.L. Gamepimp] 

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